How to blur your background on Google Meet video Call

Google Meet Background Blur

Google Meet is an online meeting app using this you can make the call video to others throw this app. This Google Meet app first available to the G Suit users. Now it enables all users to Gmail users. In this COVID 19 Lock down time whole world going online for all daily life, work, business processes. On this time Online Video calls app get boosted Google think of this and Make Google Meet app available to all and make that app is free to use for all.

google meet blur

Now Google Meet App gets the new feature called Background Blur option. If you take to a single or group of people your background will distribute to others. Google Meet thinks of it now added the new feature to Blur your background.

If you speaking to some throw Google Meet App now you can turn back to blur effect. Your video background will be a blur. Thinks present in your background of you will not visible properly.

Initially, the background blur on Google Meet will work on the Chrome browser on Windows and Mac. The company is planning to expand support to ChromeOS and Meet’s mobile apps in the future.

Enable Background Blur

To enable the background during a meeting, click on the three-dot menu, and choose ‘Turn on background blur’. For those interested to enable the feature before a meeting, click on the ‘Turn on background blur’ button and click on ‘Join Now’ to join the meeting.

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