How to edit the video on the Google Photo app

Google Photo Video Editing Tool

Google Photo app is used to take photos and save your photos to Google Photo cloud storage. Now Google Photo iOS app has the option to edit your videos on Google App it's self. You can trim the video color corrections, lights effects, rotate, and more.

How to edit the video on Google Photos App.

Google Photo

First, open the Photo app in your I phone and select any video you want to edit after select video selected video will open.

Bottom of the screen you can see the Share option, Configure option, and bottom-right delete option.

Video Editing

Now select the configure option present at the center to open the edit options.

In that edit screen, you will see the editing option at the bottom of the screen.

Select Video for Editing

In that editing window, you will see the Export Frame option, play option, filter option, light, and color option, and rotate option.

Export Frame option is used to export the current view frame as an image and save to photos.

Below you will see the timeline you can trim the video by using that timeline option.


The second option you will see the effects. In that effect option, it will have a lot of effect screen tone.

Light and Color tools
Color options
Light options

The third option is color and light select open that. You can change the color and light of your video.

Rotate Options

The last one is Rotate using this you can rotate the video.

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