How to find the text in Browser on iPhone

Find word in Browser

In a computer browser if you want to search the words on a web page you can press Ctrl + F on Windows and Linux and press command + f to search the words on the web page. However, you can do this mobile phone you have the option to search the text in a web page browser. But the iPhone has this option on their device you can easily search the word or text on the web page.

Follow the below steps to find this easily.

Open Safari or any browser you install on your iPhone and open any webpage.

After open webpage just click the share button on browser.

Share Option Browser

Normally Safari give the Share button below the screen. Just click that popup screen will open in that scroll down you can see the Find on Page to open search box.

Share Option Browser Popup

Now type the word which you want to search on the web page. After search completed it will show the word.

On other browsers just click the share option in the browser it will show the same popup screen i mentioned above.

DuckDuckGo Share Option Browser
Share Option Browser
Share Option Browser Popup

In that popup screen select find on page to search words.

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