How to enable the Wifi Calling on iPhone

Wifi Calling iPhonne

If you inside the home or office some people have a network coverage issue on their mobile. Inside the building some time-poor network signal. Not able to speak the call on their mobile. For solving this problem Telephone operator gives the new feature called the Wifi Calling.

You can enable this feature on your mobile when you mobile-connected to Wifi all your call will connect throw the Wifi when your mobile in poor mobile signal range.

How to enable this feature on your iPhone.

Open the setting app on your iPhone and scroll down and select the Cellular option.

Setting Cellular

Open the Cellular option scroll a bit down you will see the Wifi Calling option.

Wifi Calling Network Provider

Wifi Calling option is provided by Sim Card Network Services Provider if you do not see that option on your iPhone your Network Services Provider does not give that option.

Toggle to Enable Wifi Calling

If you see the Wifi Calling option just tap to open that option and tap the toggle switch to enable that option on your mobile hereafter you will get wifi calling feature on your mobile.

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