How to open your Phone Contact on your Gmail App

Google Contact Gmail App

If you are using the Gmail app if you want to see your phone contact before you can go to the Google contact app and see your contact number on the browser. Now Google added the feature to the Gmail app.

Now you can open your contact with your Gmail screen on the web. This feature available for GSuite users now. Normal Free users did not have this option on Gmail Web App Soon all users get this option on the web app screen.

Google Contact

A few months back Google Redesign the Gmail app UI. In that new design, they added the right side menu before that Gmail did not have the option. Now they added the right side menu. In that, they added the new shortcut for the app to access. Now Calendar, Keep, and Task option available. Google added the extra option Contact in that menu.

Now all of them save the phone contact in the Google Contact on your their android phones and iPhones. Using this new shortcut you can open Contact in the Gmail web app itself.

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