How to use the Picture in Picture option on Google Chrome Browser

Picture in Picture option on Google Chrome Browser

Users must wait for feature in Google Chrome called the Picture in Picture option. People used the third party Extension in the Chrome browser to enjoy this feature. Chrome browser added this feature a few months back to Google Chrome Browser. What is the real use of this feature? If you are working on your laptop, desktop computer side by people play videos from youtube or any other site and list only the voice of the video not able to view the video on the screen. Not able to do the two processes at the same time on your device screen. If you watch the video not able to do your work. I do work not able to watch the video only list video.

With this Picture in Picture option you can play video overlay on your screen you can place the video on any part of your screen. That video widow does not affect your work. You can watch the video and work on your computer on any application at the time.

Already third party apps in Google Chrome Store for Picture in Picture option. Google Chrome enables this feature to default In your chrome browser. This option is not available all the time once your play video in your chrome browser this option will enable near the URL bar. I show it in the below image.

Video Option

Just click to open the plugin and click the picture in picture option to pop out your video and drag place the video where you want.

Picture in Picture

That picture in picture video screen have two option one is pause & play and the next one is back to screen.

This option is very useful full to watch the video on work time on the computer.

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