How to send the disappearing messages on WhatsApp

disappearing messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp one of the most popular chat platform from Facebook. WhatsApp is used for chatting, audio calling, video calling, group chatting, group video calls, and audio calls. WhatsApp gives a recent update to all users you can now delete the send message after 7 days automatically.

How to enable Disappearing Messages on WhatsApp:

  • Open the WhatsApp app.
  • Open chat conversation. Select person, you want to delete the message after 7 days of the chat conversation.
  • Once you select the Chat Conversation tap the contact name.
  • Scroll down you can see the Disappearing message option.
  • Just select the options popup that will come in that select continue option and select the option to enable.
  • If you want to disable this option follow the same steps to disable the disappearing message.

How to enable Disappearing Message on WhatsApp Groups.

This option is only available for Group Admin. If you are the Group Admin this option is only visible to you on WhatsApp. If you are the Group Member, not an admin you do not see this option on the group.

Same steps for Enable the Disappearing message on Group. What step you followed on the individual chat above the same step can be used for Group Chat.

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