How to enable the blurred background in Skype mobile app

Skype Background Blurred

In this pandemic period technology played a major role in human life. One-to-one physical communication between the people will be stopped. All happen to throw chat and video calls. Company meetings, Government officials meetings all happen to throw the video conference call. Video chatting apps get more users. A lot of apps and paid versions are open free to use and the number of participants is increased.

In this way, the skype Microsoft video chatting app added new features to hide the background of your video using AI technology. I already wrote a post on how to set a custom background for your video background. Now I will how to blur your background in video calls on the mobile app.

How to enable blur background in Skype video calling background

  • Open the Skype app on your mobile.
  • Make a video call on the Skype app.
  • Now the video will open on your screen. Just tap the three-dot option on the screen it will show the list of options.
Skype Blurred Option
  • In that select blur video background toggle option to enable.
Skype Background
  • Now you see your video the entire background will be blurred.

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