How to Change the Email Address on Gmail

Change the Email Address on Gmail

Email is the most important communication platform in the internet world. Account creation, message communication, and file transactions all happen to throw email. You have a mobile must have an email ID to set up your mobile same steps for the computer and smart TV.

For a different reason, people want to change their email address. However, Gmail does not allow you to change your email address. However, people need to change their email address and they need all old emails and contacts in the new email address. How to change the email address on Gmail. Simple Solution.

You can create a new Gmail account and you can transfer all your email and contact from your old Gmail id to your new Gmail id. How to transfer your email and contact from an old account to newly created account.

Import your Email on Gmail

Gmail provides the option to transfer your email from your old account to a new account. How to do this follow the step.

Login to your Gmail account and click the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Gmail Settings

Now a new menu option will open that select see all settings option present first.

It will take to the settings page in that page select accounts and import option.

Accounts and Import

Now select the Import mail and contacts option.

The new window will ask you to sign in to your old account. Sign in to it, and then click the Continue button.

Old EMail

A new window will pop up and ask you to choose an account to continue to ShuttleCloud Migration. Choose your old account. Gmail ShuttleCloud Migration will ask you for permission to access it. Click Allow, and close the window.

new email

Go to the first popup window and select the import options for your old account. You can import contacts, mail, and all new mail for the following 30 days from your old account to your new account.

After the process is over, a message will appear. Click the Ok button, go to your new Gmail account, refresh the page, and that’s it! You can now see the emails from your old account in a folder with your old account’s name.

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