How to check your Facebook account is part of the Data Breach 2021

Facebook Data Breach 2021

Recently Facebook user information has leaked on the internet. Facebook has 533Mn users on the Facebook app. In that 20% of the Facebook user information is leaked on the internet last week. In that data breach data includes phone numbers, email addresses, names, gender, date of birth, location, relationship status, and employer information, among other things. If you want to check whether your information leaked on this data breach.

How do you check your information leaked or not?

A simple easy way you can check your Facebook information leaked online.

Simple go to this https://haveibeenpwned.com/ web app on your browser.

And type the email id of your Facebook account and click the pwned button. Now it will show the message Good news — no pwnage found! if your account is not leaked.


If your information is exposed on any app or website it will show the message Oh no — pwned!

If you get this message immediately change your password on your facebook account.

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