How to delete the send email in Gmail

Recall Email

Gmail has the option you can recall it back your sent email. If you want to enable this option on your Gmail Account you can do a small configuration on your account. The configuration steps are basic just click and configure o your account. Using this option you can recall your sent email in a small amount of time. How to configure this and how to recall your email follow the below steps.

How to configure recall email on Gmail

Login to your Gmail Account with your ID.

After login into your Gmail account on the right side top near your profile picture, you will see the Setting Gear icon. Just select the gear icon.

Setting Dropdown

It will show a dropdown in that select see all setting option.

Now take to the setting page. Just Confirm you in the General Tab. See below you will see the option Undo Send.

In that Undo Send you can set the time for cancellation period for send mail.

send cancellation

Gmail gives the option you can cancel the send email in 30 seconds. Gmail gives the timing up to 5 seconds to 30 seconds. You can set a time for the cancelation option will available on the screen. In that period, you can cancel the send email on Gmail.

How to cancel the send email

Now compose the email on Gmail after composing the email now click the send button below to send the email.

Undo Gmail

After Click the Send button Gmail will show the message sent and also another option called Undo you can click the Undo option your send email will recall. Both Mobile and Desktop. I will add the screen.

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