How to change the Google Sheets Currency Format

Google Sheets Currency Format

Google Sheets is used for saving your business data, finance data in the table format. Every country has a different currency format. Like the US they call the currency a dollar in India we called a Rupee. In Google Sheet, you can change the currency format to your currency format.

First, check your sheets which currency format now. It's very easy to check the current currency format on Google Sheet. Open Google Sheet and you can see what currency format was now in your Google Sheet near to zoom option check the below screenshot.

Google Sheets Currency Dollar

In my Google Sheet Dollar is select now I change to Indian Rupee. Follow the steps.

Google Sheets Currency Menu

Select File option in the Google Sheet in that select Spread Sheet Settings option.

Google Sheets Currency Settings

Now a new popup will open in that you must select your country name on the first dropdown menu.

Google Sheets Currency Select India

Now I select India in that dropdown and click the save settings button to save the new settings.

Google Sheets Currency  Rupee

Now your Google Currency will change to your select currency format. I select India in the currency it will change to Rupees see the screen above.

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