How to insert the image inside Google Sheet Cell

Insert Image in Google Sheet

Google Drive recently updated the Google Sheet new feature using this you can insert the image in the Google Sheet Cell. Before that this option was not added to the Google Sheet. If you add the image to the sheet it will appear on the Sheets. Now recent update you can add the image inside the cell. Follow the below steps to how to add an image.

Login to your Google Drive account using your Gmail id.

Create Google Sheet

Open Google Sheet by clicking the new button on the left side.

Now Google Sheet will open in a new tab.

Just select the Google Sheet cell you want to insert the image after selecting the cell click the insert option.

Google Insert Image

Select the image option in the dropdown it will show a new small menu it will have an insert image in the cell at first select that option.

Insert Image

It will open a popup in that you can select the source to upload the image you can upload from computer, drive, URL, and Google Images.


After selecting the image it will insert to you select cell to see in the below screen shoot.

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