About Us

When we started:

That time I search for the computer tricks and reading the tricking of the blog. I see lots of blogs are on the internet and posting lots of computer tricks and solution for the computer-related problem for both software and hardware. After that, some change made for me. Then I think why we are writing the blog. After that, I register my blog name in the blogger and start blogging the hardware and software related issues on my blog. In the initial stage, we only concentrated on the windows related issues and hard related issues on my blog. Because that Smart Phone is not used by the people that is the initial stage of smartphone occupied people hand. That time we have a lot of visitors for the computer and hardware related issues with-in small period. After that mobile phone technology, Android and iPhone come we move our more concentration to mobile and web related issues and tricks. Now more concentrate on the mobile phone app.

When we buy .com domain

At the Starting time I don’t have my own custom domain for my blog. On Initial stage we run my blog in the free blogspot.com domain only. In the 2013 year starting March month I buy own domain tricksschool.com domain for my blog. At that time we didn’t have a Google Ad-sense Account we try to more time for getting approval from the Google Ad sense but we failed that time because we do not have that much post on our blog so Google Ad-sense team reject my Ad-sense application.

On the side, I run another one site for jobs update for job finders. That site has more content we applied apply for Ad-sense for that site, we got the approval 2014 February. And we have been using that Ad-sense code for tricks school now.

In this blog every year we change, the template and update for the new technology. Because in this world everyday new technology coming. So we upgrade template for every one year. Our template is we simple and clean. So we concentrated on white and black colour. And theme on green colour that represents the natural environment, creativity.

Now we are writing on the topic on blogger, How to, browser, app, New Release Technology, Mobile and Computer Related Tricks.

You can contact me on email contact@tricksschool.com, or you can fill the form on contact page click here.